The Registered Office of the Board shall be at New Delhi



(1) To promote, aid, assist and organize sports, all kinds of indoor and outdoor games, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts in the Public Sector Undertakings with a view to promoting the health and welfare as well as recreation of their employees and their families.

(2) To plan. Develop, own, acquire, hire, manage, maintain and utilize infrastructure faculties, stadia, gymnasia, gymkhana, theatres, ancillary buildings, play fields, land etc. for indoor and outdoor games, sports, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts etc. within India and aboard

(3) To hold, sponsor, organize, arrange facilities for tournaments, coaching camps, exhibition matches, sports and cultural activities, indoor & out door games, competitions shows etc. for the aforesaid purpose.

(4) To provide and give technical, managerial, organizational and other assistance, equipment, facilities and guidance to organizers in the Public Sector Undertakings to conduct or to participate in all local, national and international tournaments, competitions/shows held in India and abroad.

(5) To provide for education, training and facilities for imparting advanced coaching in various rural and urban Indoor and outdoor games, sports, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts etc.

(6) To establish, maintain and conduct a circulating library, reference library, sports library, reading room research facilities and to provide books, records magazines, slides, films, video cassettes, audio cassettes, information and other modes and services relating thereto, and to provide on hire or otherwise, projections, video cassettes, recorders, players, films and equipment and all accessories and facilities in connection therewith.

(7) To do all such acts, deeds matters and things as may be decided by the Board, to achieve the above objectives.



(a) Public Sector shall mean and include any organization which is run as a Central Public Sector and Shall include nationalized Banks.

(b) “BOARD” shall mean the “All India Public Sector Sports Promotion Board”

(c) “CHAMPIONSHIP” shall mean all the Tournaments in various games, sports, cultural activities etc. conducted under the aegis of the Board.

(d) “COUNCIL” shall mean the Executive Council of the Board, consisting of Office Bearers and duly elected representative of the members as per the provisions contained herein.

(e) “EEMPLOYEES” shall mean a regular employee including Contract Players/Stipend holders of member PSUs.

(f) “THE GENERAL BODY” shall mean the Members (and not Honorary members) of the Board assembled in a meeting duly called and held.

(g) “OFFICE BEARERS” shall mean and include the President, the Vice Presidents, the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretaries and Honorary Treasurer of the Board.

(h) “Register of Members” shall mean a Register maintained at the Registered Office of the Board, containing name of the members.

(i) “Rules” shall mean and include Rules and Regulations of the Board from time to time in force.

(j) “Staff” shall mean the employees of the Board and shall include those engaged by the Board even on contract basis.

(k) Words importing masculine gender shall include the feminine gender also.

(l) Words importing the singular shall include plural also and vice-versa.

(m) “Year” shall mean the financial year ending 31st March.



Membership of the Board shall be open to all the Central Public Sector Undertakings and Nationalized Banks on payment of the entrance fee as prescribed by the Executive Council. Membership may also be given to other autonomous bodies in addition to PSUs.



The General Body may invite any dignitary or sports person of outstanding ability to be a Honorary Member of the Board on such terms as it may stipulate. Such member shall not attend the General Body Meetings nor have a right to vote or contest any election of the Board.



Each member shall pay an annual subscription as may be prescribed by the Executive Council.



Membership shall cease in case of withdrawal in writing or in default of payment of annual subscription for a period of Two years.



1. The Annual General Body Meeting (hereinafter referred as “The Annual General Meeting”) shall be held at such places in India as may be decided by the Executive Council within six months from the end of each financial year for the purpose of considering:-
a) The Executive Council report on the affairs of the Board including the audited statement of accounts.
b) The election of the Office Bearers and members to serve in the Executive Council.
c) The appointment of Auditors and to fix their remuneration.
d) Such other proposal or matters as the Executive Council or any member proposes to bring before the General Body


2. Notice of General Body Meeting:

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to the members at least twenty one days (21 days) before the date of the meeting and shall be accompanied by the Agenda, copies of the Executive Council’s Report, and a copy of the Audited Accounts of the Board.


3. Quorum:

The quorum for the AGM shall be 25% of the enrolled members as at the end of the last financial year or 10, whichever is lower.

4. Save as otherwise, provided for in these Rules and Regulations, a proposal shall be deemed to have been passed by the annual General Meeting, if a majority of the members present vote in favour.



1. An Extraordinary Meeting of the General Body (hereinafter referred to as “Extraordinary General Meeting”) shall be convened if ten members of the Executive Council or twenty members of the Sports Board make a request in writing to the President.
2. A request for convening an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be accompanied by a statement of the purpose of the meeting in the form of a proposal and any discussion in the said meeting and voting thereafter shall be confined to such proposal only.
3. A decision taken at an Extraordinary Meeting shall have the same force as if taken by the Annual General Meeting.
4. Save or otherwise provided for in these Rules & Regulations, the provisions contained in Rules VIII shall apply in so far as they are applicable to Extraordinary General Body.



1. Election of the Office Bearers and Members to serve on the Executive Council shall be during the Annual General Meeting.

2. No member shall be eligible to be elected as an Office Bearer or on the Executive Council for more than 3 (Three) terms of four years each. Further, the President of the Board is also authorized to review the position after expiry of 3rd term of an office bearer and if needed, the President can nominate any office bearer for a further term.

3. Any member wishing to contest election as an Office Bearer or to serve on the Executive Council shall send his nomination by Registered Post with Acknowledgement due to the Secretary of the Board, seven days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.

4. The scrutiny of the nominations shall be done in the presence of the Returning Officer duly appointed by the Executive Council. The approved list of candidates seeking election shall be put on the table during the Annual General meeting. The nominations can be withdrawn 24 hours before the time of election.

5. Election shall be by secret ballot and counting of the votes shall be in the presence of the Returning Officer. Every member shall have one vote and in case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting or a second vote.

6. Results of the election shall be announced by the Returning Officer at the end of the Annual General Meeting.



The Executive Council of the Board shall consist of:

a) President (who shall not be less than the rank of Chief Executive of the Member organization).

b) Vice Presidents - SEVEN (Zone-wise representation would be given preference while filling up these posts) Out of the seven Vice Presidents, one Vice President will function as Executive Vice President to look after the day-to-day matters (administrative/financial) on behalf of the President.

c) Honorary General Secretary.

d) Joint Secretaries - SIX (Zone-wise representation would be given preference while filling up theses posts)

e) Honorary Treasurer and f) Fifteen Executive Members duly elected at the Annual General Body meeting.



a) The term of office of the Executive Council shall be 4 (Four) years.

b) Any member of the Executive Council who fails to attend three consecutive meeting of the Council shall automatically cease to be a member of the Council unless he obtains leave of absence.



The Quorum for the Executive Council meeting shall be eight.



Notice of fifteen days shall be given for the meeting of the Executive Council specifying the date, place and hour of the meeting and the agenda giving the general nature of the business to be transacted. The President may, however, authorize a shorter notice period.



The Executive Council shall meet at least three times in a year or as often as possible.



1. To organize and conduct the activities of the Board.

2. To carry out the objectives of the Board.

3. To accept grants, donations etc. in cash or kind from Government, members, other organizations, members of the public etc. to raise funds by sale of tickets or otherwise and to collect subscription, membership fees and to levy fees for the use of the facilities, to strengthen the financial position as may be decided by the Board from time to time.

4. To evolve and recommend to the members a policy on matters in respect of sportsmen and other talents in cultural activities, social activities, fine arts etc.

5. To prepare a tournament calendar every year.

6. To form Sub-Committees wherever deemed necessary.

7. (a) To get the accounts of the Board audited by duly qualified auditors and circulated to all members during the Annual General Meeting.

(b) to gainfully utilize the funds available with the Board and may approach all the nationalized and scheduled commercial banks for Fixed Deposit interest rates to enable Board to invest its funds

8. To prepare budget estimate and submit the Annual accounts. To open a Bank account in the name of the Board and authorize the account to be operated by the Hony. Genl. Secretary and Hony. Treasurer and in case of either of them being absent President or Executive Vice President/one of the Vice Presidents.

9. To frame, adopt and amend staff rules.

10. To enlist the co-operation for any special purpose of any person or persons.

11. To do all such other things as may be necessary for realizing the objects of the Board.



a. The President shall preside over all the meetings of the Board. In his absence, any one of the Vice Presidents will preside over the meetings.

b. He shall have powers to direct the Secretary to call meetings of the Board.

c. He shall generally guide the Secretary regarding the activities of the Board.

d. The President may delegate such of his powers to one or more of the Vice Presidents as and when required.



In the absence of the President, one of the Vice Presidents, nominated by the President shall perform the duties of the President.



1. The Hony. Secretary shall be the Chief Executive of the Board and shall be responsible for the activities of the Board and shall be assisted by the Hony. Joint Secretary.

2. He shall carry on all correspondence on behalf of the Board as its Executive Authority and implement the decisions taken by the Board and the Executive Council.

3. He shall convene meetings of the Board and Council in consultation with the President of the Board and record minutes.

4. He shall report to the President and in his absence to one of the Vice Presidents.

5. He shall maintain the Register of Members.

6. He shall have charge of all property, correspondence and records of the Board.

7. All Staff of the Board shall work under the administrative control of the Secretary.

8. The Secretary shall under the order of the Executive Council appoint such other supervisory clerical and subordinate staff as may be necessary for the work of the Board.



1. The Hony. Treasurer shall be in charge of the funds of the Board.

2. He shall ensure receipt of subscriptions, contributions and donations.

3. He shall submit at the end of the year a complete statement of accounts for the year.

4. He shall be responsible for all the money received by the Board from authorized sources and cause to issue receipts for the same.

5. He shall perform his duties according to directives from the Executive Council.

6. He shall maintain a Register of “Assets” of the Board.



Any alteration/amendment to these Rules and Regulations shall be made only in a General Body Meeting. A resolution for such alteration/amendment shall be carried out only by 2/3 majority of members present.

Proposal for any amendment suggested by a member must reach the Secretary, one month preceding the date of General Body Meeting.



If any difficulty arises in the interpretation or implementation of any of the rules, the decision of the Executive Council shall be final and binding.



The President and the Secretary with the assistance of the Treasurer will formulate the budget for the year and place it before the Executive Council.



The source of income of the Board shall comprise:
a) Subscription and contributions by members.
b) Donations from others,
c) Income from tournaments, championship, cultural shows etc.
d) Income from investments. e) Income by way of fund raising campaigns including publishing of the souvenirs.



The President and the Secretary of the Board shall be responsible for any legal proceedings. Both shall be the authorized persons to sue or to be sued on behalf of the Board. Every person being the President, Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Members of the Council or Staff of the Board or their heirs, executors and administrators shall at all times be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Board from and against all actions, suits, claims, demand, costs, loss, damages and expenses whatsoever incurred or sustained by them in execution of their powers or duties by reason of any act done in the ordinary course of business except for their own fraud and dishonesty.



The Board may be dissolved by three-fourths of its members voting for dissolution of the Board at a meeting of the General Body of the Board or on a resolution in this behalf circulated to all the members of the Board as per the procedure laid down by the provisions of Societies Registration Act. 1860.

If on the winding up or dissolution of the Board, there shall remain after satisfaction of its debt and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Board or any of them, but shall be dealt with in such manner as the General Body may determine.



All contracts shall be executed on behalf of the Board by the Hony. Secretary.



No act or proceedings of the General Body and the Executive Council shall be deemed to be invalid by reasons merely of any deficiency in, or any defect in the constitution of the Board, and the Executive Council as the case may be.