1.1 Every team should be in uniform and appropriate dress code as specified by the member organization for the competition. The dress code will carry the respective organizations log. Dress code is compulsory for inaugural function.

1.2 It will be mandatory for all participants to attend the inaugural and closing Function of the AIPS Tournaments. In case of compelling reasons for any player/players not been able to attend these functions, “Leave of absence” shall be obtained by the concerned organization from organizing committee and AIPSSPB.

1.3 Discipline on and off the field is of paramount importance.

1.4 Any misbehavior on the part of players either on the field or off the field will attract debarring of such players for a period of one year from participating in AIPS Tournaments. The players are not to show any gesture, reaction, arguments etc. against the decision of the Referee/Umpire. In all such cases, the organizing committee will be submit a detailed report to AIPS . On receipt of the report and depending on the merit of the case AIPS will take up with the concerned organization, on the action to be taken.

1.5 The Director of the Tournament/Chief Reference should be communicated by the organizing committee about AIPS’s directions. The Caption and Manager should not change any rules and should abide by AIPS’s decision and if there is anything to express they should inform the same to their Member Organization and the representative of the Member Organization would take up the matter in E.C Meeting.

1.6 In all other matters not covered in the said rules, the rules and regulation of the respective Federation/Association Board will be observed. Any change in rules will done only with the consent of AIPSSPB, after discussion with the Managers and Captions of the member Organizations. However AIPSSB will have the right of making the final decision and all Member Organization will abide with such ruling.

Any changes in Rules and Regulation made by the respective Federation/Association would be incorporated accordingly.

1.7 The dates and time for the tournaments will be notified by the organizer at least 45 days in advance.

1.8 It is desired that all AIPS tournaments are completed in the financial year. However, due to certain compelling reasons if a particular tournaments is not held by 31st March of a financial year, a 15 days extension will be granted by AIPS, so that event can be completed by 15th April, of the next financial year.





a) There will be no entry fee.

b) The tournament In any event will be conducted only if six entries for men events and four for women event from different member organizations are received. This is the minimum mandatory requirement.

c) In major team games, such as Cricket, Football, Hockey and Athletic etc.where the number of participants are 11 or more, only one team each member organization will be allowed.  However in the case of Golf, each member organization can filled three teams, not exceeding 5 players in each team. Over and above the 3 team, each member organization can field, one additional team, not exceeding 5 players, to be known as the chairman’s team.

d) In all AIPS events, the host organization will have the option to field one more team, if they so desire, except Golf.

e) In team games such as Cricket, Football and Hockey, the number of players in each team shall not exceed 16.


In Athletics, the contingent from each Member Organization shall not exceed 40


In Golf the number of players, including the Chairman’s team, shall not exceed 20.

In all other games, apart from mentioned above, the maximum number of players in each team shall depend upon the particular game and shall be in accordance with the limits prescribed in the rules relevant to that game, by the respective Federation/Association.

Over and above, the celling cap on the number of players, stated above, each Member Organization can nominate not more than2 officials to accompany the team as manager/Coach etc.  However for Athletic event four officials may accompany the team.

f) In any PSUs Tournament where more than one team from a company participates, the points tally for only one team which secures higher points would be reckoned for the purpose of over all Championship Trophies.

g) The exact date and venue of the tournaments will be fixed by the Host Organization, within the AIPSSPB sports Calendar for the year, fixed by AIPSSPB.

While finalizing the above, it should be ensured that the dates of AIPS tournament do not clash with those of any major National/International tournaments in that particular game. Hence Member Organization should seek suitable dates from National Sports Federation/Association.

h) Entries will be invited directly by the host organizing unit at least 15 days before the commencement of the tournament to enable the other Organizations to make necessary preparations. A copy of the invitation circular shall also be marked to AIPSSPB.

i) At the time of inviting entries, the host organization shall inform all the Member Organization regarding the weather conditions prevailing at the venue to enable them to equip suitably.

j) On receipt of invitation circular from the host organization, the other member organizations should promptly either conform or regard their participations under intimation to AIPSSPB



a) The participation in the tournaments shall be restricted to bonafide employee, contracted employees and those on scholarships.

b) Casual employees on daily wages will not be eligible to participate.

c) Management Trainees or employees on probation are also eligible to represent their respective organizations.

To ensure the above, relevant document, duly attested by personal department, may be made available to the host organizing committee, prior to the commencement of the tournament.

NOTE: In case of any objection from Member Organization for the participation of any player without such a document, the concerned player will be debarred.



a) All period of absence for participating in the sports events, approved by AIPS including journey time, and time spent in training and preparation for the tournaments necessitating absence from work will be treated as duty. This will also apply to those who are Managers & coaches either approved by AIPSSPB or sports federation, or SAI

b) Members of the Executive Committee/ General Council attending meeting of the AIPSSPB in discharge of their functions as Executive Committee/ General Council member will be treated as on duty by the organizations to which they belong.




a) Umpires/Referees:

The arrangements of Umpires/Referees to supervise the matches will be made by the host organization. The technical supervision of matches should be entrusted to duly qualified persons of National/State level with the help of the local State Sports Association.

b) Prizes:

Trophies will be provided by the AIPSSPB alongwith Individual medals to winners, runners up and third position will be provided by the AIPSSPB.

c) Cash Prize:

Discretionary on the part of the host companies for award Cash Incentive to Winners & Runners-up teams.

d) Refreshments during the Tournament:

During the AIPS Tournaments working lunch/refreshment may be provide by the host unit.

d) Final Day Dinner:
The host unit may organization a dinner on the final day for all the participants.

e) Mementos & Gift:

Presentation of mementos to participants and gifts to Chief Guest, officials etc. is entirely voluntary and discretionary on the part of the host companies for which the cost would be borne by them.


All the member organization make their own arrangements for accommodation & local transportation for their teams. However, in case of companies who have no local offices or are not able to do so, it would be the responsibility of the host company to make lodging arrangements/transport and assist in return travel booking, on payment basis.


2.6 DRAWS:

The draws of the tournament shall be made by the host organization. As far as possible, the draws shall be taken out one day before the commencement of the tournament in a meeting of the Managers/Captains of the participating organization. In case the draws are made earlier, a representative each from available local member organization shall be invited for finalization of the draws.



Protest, if any shall be lodged with Organizing Secretary latest within half an hour following the end of the match.



a) The organizing unit should from a Tournament Committee for the management of the tournament which will also include the representative of AIPSSPB and if possible, a representative of the concerned State Association. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding in all matters connected with the tournaments.

b) For Team games like Cricket, Football, Hockey etc. where individual events are not held the tournament committee would nominate a “Player of the Tournaments”.



At the conclusion of any AIPS Tournament, and latest within a month thereafter, the host organization shall furnish to the AIPSSPB, a brief report of the tournament containing the following information:-

a) The name of the participating teams and number of players/officials.

b) Detailed result of all the matches from semi-final onwards indicating the name of Winners and Runners up and third position separately, for team event and individual event. Name of the PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT (only in case of team event.

c) Outstanding performances, if any.

d) Any other relevant information including settlement of disputes, if any, raised at the tournament.

e) Photographs covering the event.

f) Report on press coverage.

Kindly note it is desirable, such a consolidated report should be sent through a CD.


For organization of the Tournament 06 points
Winners 18 points
Runners-up 12 points
Semi-finalist 06 points each
a) In which team championship conducted:-
Winners 03 points
Runners-up 02 points
Semi-final or 3rd position 01 point each
b) Individual event without team championship:-
Winners 03 points
Runners-up 02 points
Semi-final or 3rd position 01 point each


Players should not contact AIPSSPB directly. If they wish to do so they should route it through the representative to their respective member organizations.